F9.9// F8

Our lightweight heavyweights - now with more power

Packing more power on the water doesn't have to mean dragging a heavy outboard onto your boat because the lightweight F8 and F9.9 are perfectly portable. Their comfortable-to-use, integrated carrying handles help too.

Discover the joys of whisper-quiet operation and excellent fuel economy, now blended with even more of our smooth, reliable power. Yamaha's CDI Ignition System ensures reliable, first-time start-up, so with the twist-grip throttle and F-N-R gear system, it all adds up to easy, safe handling.

These are engines with many talents, making them ideal for tender duties, for short fishing or family expeditions - or if you use your boat as a reliable work partner.

Technical Specifications

Engine type: 4-stroke//4-stroke
Displacement: 212 cm³//212 cm³
No. of cylinders/configuration: 2/In-line, SOHC//2/In-line, SOHC
Bore x stroke: 56.0 mm x 43.0 mm//56.0 mm x 43.0 mm
Prop shaft output at mid range: 7.3kW / 5,500 rpm//5.9kW / 5,500 rpm
Full throttle operating range: 5,000 - 6,000 rpm//5,000 - 6,000 rpm
Lubrication system: Wet sump//Wet sump
Fuel Induction System: 1-Carb//1-Carb
Ignition / advance system: CDI//CDI
Starter system: Manual (MH), Electric (E)//Manual
Gear ratio: 2.08 (27/13)//2.08 (27/13)
Recommended boat transom height: S:431mm L:558mm//S:431mm L:558mm
Weight with propeller: F9.9JMHS: 40.0 kg, F9.9JMHL: 41.0 kg, F9.9JES:42.0 kg F9.9JEL:43.0 kg//F8FMHS: 40.0 kg, F8FMHL: 41.0 kg
Fuel tank capacity: separate, 12 litres//separate, 12 litres
Oil pan capacity: 0.8 litres//0.8 litres
Control: Tiller handle (MH), Remote control (E)//Tiller handle
Trim & tilt method: Manual//Manual
Lighting Coil / Alternator: 12V - 6A *optional with rectifier/regulator **//12V - 6A with rectifier/regulator
Propeller: Included//Included
Shallow Water Drive: Standard//Standard
Remark: The kW data in this sheet is based on the ICOMIA 28 standard, measured at the prop shaft