News Update

website art

New Website Launch.

This glorious Tuesday, after many weeks in the making, it's finally time for us to unveil our brand new website. Our shiny new site, we think you'll agree, is an enormous improvement over our last version. The assaulting purples and cyans are now all replaced with much softer blues and greys, and the whole experience is much more pleasant.

Not only does the site now look better, but we've also managed to reduce the phsyical amount of memory it takes up when downloading the site, ideal for those with slower connections or on mobile devices. Speaking of mobile devices, the site now has what's known as a "Responsive UI", which means that your experience is optimized, whether you're on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone. If you're viewing this page on a computer, you can resize this very window to see an example of what I mean!

Some areas of the site are still a work in progress. We're still working on creating a 'Gallery' section for example. The 'Inflatables' page is also still under construction, and we hope to add a section for listing preowned engines that we currently have for sale. Fear not, for these areas of the site should be added in the coming weeks!

As new and shiny as the website is, we're always looking for feedback on ways to improve it! If there's anything you feel is missing, or you come across something that doesn't look quite right, please drop an e-mail to and let us know about it. Happy surfing and happy Boating!

Shane O'Donnell